Saturday, November 19, 2005

I miss bulky

So I have been stuck on the same project for awhile now. I finished the burgundy shawl and am on to a pretty aqua one. (The burgundy one took less than a week, probably like 4 hours of actual work.) However, this yarn is actually a normal worsted weight and it is taking me forever to get any distance on it. I got so used to the bulkier yarns or holding two strands at once, that I forgot how much slower it is with worsted. On the other hand, it looks really intricate and pretty, but it really is all double crochets.
For the pattern go to

I'm making mine with Red Heart "Soft Yarn" in Turquoise because it is much cheaper than the LB Microspun and it has a nice subtle sheen to it. I am still working on the first skein, so I'm guessing it will take about three to get it to the length I want it.

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