Saturday, May 17, 2008

Adios Amigos!

Welp, I've made the decision to condense my blogs.

If you want to keep tabs on me head over to my main blog,
make MamaK your friend on Ravelry and/or Flickr

It's a little sad since this is the first blog I started, but back when I was running two blogs I was *only* working as a teacher. This mama + WAHM thing is just way more work. :)

I've been documenting my current knit/crochet projects on Ravelry and posting them to Flickr, but keeping this blog going is not happening. Any sewing or other crafting I'll post to my other blog if I feel like sharing.

Happy crocheting, knitting and creating y'all!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Yarn Tasting

Here's my sampler from the 2008 Yarn Tasting hosted by Woolbearers in Mt. Holly, NJ.
Used a combo of garter, sn, seed st and eyelets to make this little sampler. FUN! I loved all the yarns really. They were much nicer than what I usually get a chance to work with. I especially loved the sheen and feel of the bamboo blend yarns. The bamboo tape looked really cool knit up. And the milkcotton was ridiculously soft.


From top (blue) to bottom (cream):
1) Classic Elite Cotton Bam Boo
2) Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton
3) Regia Bamboo
4) Hand Jive Nature’s Palette Fingering merino
5) Pro Natural Wool Bamboo
6) Nashua Ecologie Cotton
7) Classic Elite Bam Boo
8) Plymouth Royal Bamboo (LOVE!)
9) Classic Elite Wool Bamboo
10) Nashua Ecologie Wool
11) Rowan Bamboo Tape (LOVE!)
12) SWTC Karaoke
13) SWTC Tofutsies
14) Rowan Tapestry
15) Vermont Organic O-Wool Classic
16) Woolbearers Milk Cotton (LOVE!)
17) Henry’s Attic Inca Cotton (LOVE!)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yarn Tasting

My friend Em found a yarn tasting in Mt. Holly so we decided to go. It was sponsored by Woolbearers yarn shop.

It was a complete blast for us knit/crochet gals. We found out it's an annual event so we will be planning to attend next year. The theme this year was Eco-Friendly yarns. We got to sample all kinds of yummy bamboo, organic cotton, organic wool and many natural fiber blends.

yarn tasting

While we played with the yarnage we were served coffee, tea and some really yummy deserts.

Em was crocheting (maybe the only one that was) and got lots of attention. She is also superfast and got through all of the samples by the time we left.

em the hooker

Me, not so much. I started crocheting but didn't have the right sized hook. Frog. Then I started knitting and frogged that few times before I got going. You can see how far I got compared to hers.

mini me

Then we went to the diner and had some fabulously greasy grilled cheese sammies. mmmm Nothing like NJ diner food.

grilled cheese on rye

I continued to plug away this weekend, using different stitches for different samples. I'll post a (much better picture) of my finished sampler. I took these on my camera-phone in low light.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

yummy yummy

Last night my friend Em and I went to a yarn tasting! It was sooooo awesome. Pictures to come.
It was hosted by Woolbearers in Mt. Holly, NJ.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Stash

Originally uploaded by mama k nj
So I had a coupon and I've been wanting to try this yarn for awhile. I went all out and wound up paying like $2 and change. :)
Isn't it just yummy? It's got that purple/green combo that I love so much.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby Sweater Update

Proving that Starfish is the sweetest knitting on-line friend I have, she offered to fix my sad sweater.

However, I think that I may have overreacted a bit. I guess that will teach me to make decisions when it's 2am and I'm a bit out of it.

The sweater looked better to me the next morning (the day of the shower) so I finished it and gifted it. I still am not confident that it will fit an actual baby correctly, but everyone ooohhed and aaahhed over it anyway.


My favorite part is the little eyelet detail on the back.

Despite my frustrations, I think I will try this again. I am determined to make it look more like the picture next time. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008


The sweater was a bust! After spending a week of nights working on it I realize that shape is all funky and the neck opening is not shaped correctly. Of course I realized that at 1am the night before the baby shower after it was pretty much done. Ugh Ugh Ugh

Yes, I almost started crying about it last night. It can be fixed, but that involves ripping out the seams and reassembling. I just don't have time to do that and would be extra mad if I couldn't get it to work out right. So maybe it'll be salvagable for the gift drawer at some point.

I should have crocheted it. I obviously over estimated my finishing skills.