Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bum Sweater

I have decided to use cloth diapers for my baby. My biggest reason is that it is WAY cheaper. If you are interested in some of the reasons why I choose this unconventional route, check out this site.

Wool covers are supposedly great because the lanolin in the wool naturally neutralizes odor. They hold wetness in, while remaining dry and breathable on the the outside. However, most wool covers are expensive. (About $25 and up for each.) I have found some sites with knit/crochet patterns and maybe I'll try them later, but recycling old 100% wool sweaters into covers seems much easier. I'm thinking these will be great for overnight, but will be too bulky to fit under clothing.

Here is my Bum-Sweater project (and my first attempt at felting):

I got this 100% Lambswool Gap XS sweater at the thrift shop for about $5. I am trying to get two small covers out of this sweater. First, I unraveled the hood to save the matching yarn to use for leg openings and waist ties.

Here is the yarn I saved and the sweater, pre-felting. I measured the width and length to the v-neck here. Both were 16 inches. The cuffs measured 3.5 inches.
I machine washed in hot water and dried in the dryer.

The first time, it only shrank up about 1/2 inch across and didn't seem "felted" yet.

So into the washer it went for another hot cycle and then machine drying. It shrank a little over an inch across in the end.

Warning: Felting fuzzes your washer!

Next, I cut out a triangle and zig-zagged the edges. I made a triangle about 15-16" on all sides to make a S/M cover. Then I used the arms to make the leg openings.

The finished product. So cute! That was pretty easy actually.

This one I cut about an inch smaller and attempted to knit cuffs around the legs. It turned out so small! I am thinking it would maybe fit a newborn? I'm not sure how bulky the diaper will be though. I guess I'll see when baby gets here.

Resources I used for this project:

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