Wednesday, February 22, 2006

knit.1 Magazine Review

I got the new knit.1, yay! At first glance I must admit I was a little disappointed. There was a whole spread on pirate themed items. Um, I don't think I am going to make a black/white striped mini dress out of fun-fur. thanks. But all the info on international knitting/crocheting was fun. Ok, here is the official review.

Title: knit.1 by VOGUE knitting

Issue: Spring 2006 - the travel issue


web chat p. 18 - fun/funky Japanese crochet stuffed animals

"knit.1 dictionary" p. 20 - ask for the nearest yarn shop in 11 languages!

"The Mile-High Club: What every knitter needs to pack to travel in style" p. 52

Are you kidding?: previously mentioned dress (see cover) and various piratety items

I can't wait to make... the can holder on p. 62 and the personalized passport case on p. 52

Did I mention that this mag is now available for subscription? I already signed up!

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