Monday, February 20, 2006


Ok, I don't know if it can be considered nesting when it has nothing to do with getting ready for baby. But I suddently had this desire to organize my stash/sewing/guest room yesterday. I think it was all the time I spent checking out other knit/crochet blogs Saturday. Anyway, I wanted to find all of my WIPs, works-in-progress, or are they UFOs?, unfinished objects, that are stashed about so that I could actually complete some of them.

Oliver surveys the chaos:

Oliver tries to escape the camera:

In the end I unearthed the following UFOs
1) bibs that still need buttons
2) lamb stuffed toy
3) baby blanket to sell, about 90% finished
4) extra yarn for the un-christmas scarf, but where is the scarf?
5) random failed scarf designs
6) a couple unfinished envelope bags
7) an unfinished diaper wrap that I didn't like... so I unraveled it... (it won't let me post a pic, I'll try another post)


Annie said...

Ahhhh! Your cat loves yarn too! :-) Beautiful color for your yarn, love the brightness!

mama k said...

I checked out your site and saw your kitty too! I saw a webring for knitters w/ kitties. So stereotypical, right? I'm going to see if I can find it again and join. : ) Kool-aid dye ROCKS!