Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wish List

TGIF. After doing grades for a period or two I needed a diversion. (BTW I'm a high school teacher.) So... I was browsing patterns and here is my "wishlist" of projects I'd like to make.
How cool are these? You could even use a mohair mixed in with the white to make them extra fuzzy.
Looks like a super easy pattern! And it uses Homespun which is easy to find, washable, and nice 'n soft.
Great gift for my book worm friends!
The baby version of course. No way I am up to an adult sized sweater. My ADD would kick in before I'd finish one side. And in some colors, Homespun creates a sort of ombre stripe pattern.
"Stash Buster" Vest. Need I say more?

That's it for the moment. Enjoy!


Stephanie said...

Quite a list you've got there! I made the baby sweater and it came out really great, although I really detest homespun, it was a quick knit...great for gift giving! And you're kool aid yarn came out so much better than mine! I think I had too much water...oh well, just an excuse to try again!

mama k said...

Thanks Stephanie. I'm not sure I'll make all of these, but they were fun to look at. When I find out what I'm having, I'll give the sweater a try. I thought Kool Aid dying was so fun. Except for the grape flavor. The dye separated and looked yucky. I used the stovetop method and canning jars to create the varigated affect. PS What is your knitting blog? I know I've been there, but I can't remember!