Sunday, April 09, 2006


Sorry I've been absent from Blog world lately. I've been busy with school and home repair projects and haven't had much time for my yarn. I'm still working on that Lion Wrap and have a prayer shawl to finish off. We are taking a little get-away this week, so maybe I'll bring one along to finish. Since we just found out we are having a little BOY(!). I am going to attempt knitting him a sweater-hoodie. I found a "5-hour" pattern on Bev's Country Cottage (link on sidebar) and am hoping it will be easy since I'm still new to the knitting world. This will be my first attempt at an actual sweater. Guess I better check my gauge!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations! Also check out They have some pretty good basic hoodies, and you can use bernat baby yarn which is inexpensive.

mama k said...

Thanks for the tip Stephanie! I've been checking in on your adoption blog, but don't want to be the preg girl who posts on there. : ) Best wishes on your journey to motherhood!