Saturday, April 29, 2006


10 whole days since my last post. Wow, I am slacking. I have started what I call a granny crochet project, a tissue box cover to match my nursery. I put the cover together in a couple of hours, but I need to sit down and make the embelishments now.
We have been working on several home repair projects: renovating our main bathroom, finishing the paint job in the laundry room, painting the ceiling in the nursery and touching up the paint. In the mean time my house is covered in a thin layer of construction dust and I constantly have the windows open in order to air out any toxic fumes. I told DH he is on painting duty since I think that I've gotten enough fumes just painting the nursery. He hates painting and is not pleased, but understands my reasoning.
My church knit/crochet club met yesterday and we had the best turn out yet. Seven little girls all happily knitting away. I've only gotten a couple donations out of them. Mostly they just like to socialize and show off their projects. It is fun to interact with cute little kids as opposed to the sarcastic deliquents I teach on a daily basis. : )

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