Saturday, July 01, 2006

new WIPs and shower pic

I thought I'd share this pic of me and DH's grandmom at my shower. She had made some baby items years ago and was saving them. She gave me a crocheted bunting for a present. The funny thing is that she says she no longer remembers how to crochet and can't do it anymore! Obviously she was pretty good at it when she did it.
PS - I look so tired!

Crazy me, I've decided that I'm going to make all four of my brothers afghans for Christmas this year. I had the idea to do this before and have all the yarn in my stash, it's just getting the time to do it. I'll have to divide my crochet time between craft sale inventory and gift making if I am going to get every thing done on time. This is pretty ambitious considering that I still haven't finished making DH's scarf that was supposed to be a gift LAST Christmas! I guess I have knit/crochet ADD.


Stephanie said...

How cute you too are! That bunting is amazing, although it looks pretty big! You are getting to be quite the crocheter, huh? I LOVE the tissue box cover!! And the star afghan came out so cute!

Dirkey said...

Hey KSEVA! That is hugely ambitious but we'll just have to have crochet nights at your house and Auntie Dirkey can take care of the baby while you crochet away :)