Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Sky

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Ok, so I guess I'm not quite in the habit of this Saturday Sky thing yet. So here is our Sunday Sky, basically the same as yesterday. Cloudy and raining all weekend!
Friday and yesterday I completely cleaned out my once tidy guest bedroom where there had been an apparent yarn/fabric explosion. I also condensed down that unrully yarn stash into one closet, one dresser, and one large storage tub. It's nice and pretty in there again.
All you yarn snobs out there would have a heart-attack if you saw how much Fun Fur I have. It is quite unhealthly. I do have an excuse though, I was making and selling FF scarves like crazy at one point. I stocked up everytime it went on sale to keep up with the demand. However, I got tired of making them and the stash overtook me. I even sold some scarves this past winter, so maybe I'll be so lucky again this year.

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Stephanie said...

Your sky looks like my sky. And I always remember about the picture taking on Sunday too. How annoying!