Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's Hot in Herr!

Happy b-day to me! Today I'm 27. We have had a crazy heat wave over here, but most of the country is having the same. Honestly, it just has been too hot to pick up yarn and do anything productive. My poor ac was running all day yesterday, but couldn't get the house temp below 81-82. So today I'm going to reorganize/clean my kitchen. I think I'm finished w/ the nesting energy, but I'm getting bored and it needs to be done. Tonight DH is taking me out for a nice b-day dinner. Stay cool everyone!


Stephanie Hastings said...

Happy birthday!

Stephanie said...


Wow you are so young. I feel old now, thanks. The heat here is ree DIC u lous!!!! I'm actually glad to be at work because the ac in my office is better than at home!

Stay Cool and enjoy your day!!

HI-D said...

Happy Birthday a few days late! :)