Sunday, October 22, 2006

off the wagon

I had been sooo good in not buying new yarn for many months!
1) I have no income. 2) I have no time to crochet/knit. 3) I don't get out of the house much anymore. 4) I have a dresser full of fun-fur that I regret over-buying. That's right, fuzzy, tacky fun-fur. two. whole. drawers.

As I wandered babyless through AC Moore yesterday I notice lots of their pretty "real" yarn was clearanced out. This blue was such a stunning saphire color I couldn't leave it there. I don't know if I even got enough to make anything with it, but it was just too pretty not to take home. The other ball's funky colors reminded me of a friend. So I'm going to make something for said friend for christmas with it. I've got a couple ideas rumbling around. I ALMOST picked up a couple crochet mags too. There were some great gift ideas. Maybe if I get another coupon I'll go back for them this week. I need more patterns like I need another ball of fun-fur, let me tell ya.

As far as the Christmas Afghans go... I'm off to a super slow start. I frogged the one posted below and started over w/ a double strand zig-zag pattern. So HOPEFULLY I'll at least have that one done by x-mas. For bro #4 I'm making a recycled sweater hat (instead of an afghan) I saw in Martha Stewart Living. It's going to be so hott!

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Anonymous said...

I was at AC over the weekend and was SO happy to find the Araucania chunky on clearance (not to mention Atacama, 100% alpaca, for under $4)—I made one skein into a cabled bag and had a bit under half the skein left over. Another idea: it felts like nobody's business.

You woudn't happen to be in Monmouth County, would you?

Jamie (