Tuesday, November 28, 2006

an actual FO!

Here is the fun hat I made for my littlest bro for xmas. He's 9 and his fav color is red. He also likes the red/green combo for some reason so I went with it. Matching scarf is in the works! I based it on the hat in Crochet Today. But I used worsted instead of bulky, made bigger earflaps and changed the pom-poms. It was made with Red Heart SS in Red and a lime green worsted I bought in an "mill ends" pack.
My 14 yo bro saw this one and wants me to make him one too. I already made him a big afghan so I don't think I'll have time to make him something else. A couple years ago I made bro #2 (16yo) a scarf and he still wears it. It's nice that they appreciate my creations since it's sooo hard to shop for teenagers! I really wanted to make a nice afghan for my 23yo bro who just bought his first place.
The clock is ticking!!!

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Dirkey said...

love the picture! :)