Sunday, December 24, 2006

Just Made It...

I am a bad, bad crochet gifter. I wound up finishing bro #2's blanket at my dad's house in front of bro. Kinda ruins the suprise. There was also a bit of talk between my competitive brothers about how bro #3's blanket was bigger. I told them it took me one month to make the first blanket, but 4 months to make the smaller blanket. It also was a sc zig-zag pattern which is a bit more time consuming and also thicker than a plain dc blanket. However, I know they don't understand that. Regardless, I think they liked them. I love love love the way the zig-zag one turned out. (Double strand on Q-hook, SC zig-zag, 4 row stripe of black, 2 row stripes in grey and soft white.)


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