Friday, March 09, 2007

cutest baby hat evah!

I was waiting to post this gifty until it was given. I love the way this hat turned out! I used Peanut as a model, but the pictures were kinda crappy. It's also too small for him of course. I bet it looks even cuter on the newborn baby girl I made it for.
I hope her mommy takes a picture for me! : )

Pattern: Pixie Hat
Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream - don't remember the color name, but it is pale lavender, yellow, cream varigated


Katie said...

Hi there! I cruised over here after you left a comment at my blog and I am so glad I did because I now know what to do with the single skein of Bunny Hop I bought in a cute colorway: Pixie Hat!! So perfect for a wee one.

Dirkey said...

already dressing him in girls clothing, have another kid already!!! Avoid the therapy bills.. :)
LOL, just kidding so cute.