Monday, March 12, 2007

T@ggie Blanket

We are taking Peanut on an airplane for the first time next week and I need some stuff to entertain him. I figure if I make a couple new toys they might be more interesting to him than ones he's played with already. I had the idea to make a t@ggie blanket since he loves chewing on tags. I will definitely be making more for gifts from here on out! I made this one with only items from my craft stash so it is not up to my perfectionist standards.
I made some "tags" out of flannel scraps and put in some cellophane (like for gift baskets) to make that crinkly sound. He loves the tassels on the cat's mat so I added one of those too.

Here are some of the changes I'm going to make for next time:
*go with a smaller 12-13 inch size rather than the 15 inch I did this time
*brighter/more varied ribbon tags (but I need to buy more first)
*use a different textured fabric on one side and a printed flannel on the other... I'm thinking Chenille or Minkee
*make sure I'm more careful so the loops are actually straight

If you want to make one too, here is a tutorial I found:
Disclaimer: So apparently there is some controversy surrounding this style of blanket. The woman who patented these (it wasn't even her original idea) is sue happy and if anyone makes these to sell they better be careful. (Yes, they patented the idea of sewing ribbon between two pieces of fabric!) So I'll be making them for friends, but they won't be up on my site.


Shelly said...

Looks great, I'll have to give it a try!

Erica or Kayla said...

For a few months no matter what was put in front of Kayla she would search out the tag and happily gum it to a soppy mess. Her "bubby" bought her "taggie" books. She has moved on from the tags for the most part. The "taggies" are still great with thier various textures and colors as she is paying attention to more detail. Great idea!

Dirkey said...

Awe I love that fabric, When I get my sewing machine in the mail we're having parties.. :)

Michelle Smiles said...

Great idea to make one K! You are so crafty!