Sunday, July 01, 2007

baby shower basket

I finished my shower gifties! I can't post a picture yet 'cause I'm not sure the recipient doesn't read my blog occasionally.

However, I will share my favorite baby shower gift to give a close friend.
This picture is of the basket I gave to my dear friend for the baby shower we threw her in May.

New Mama/Nursing Basket

Standard Contents for each basket:

*Lansinoh "First Days" Extra Soft Nursing Pads

*a nursing bracelet to keep track of feedings

*assorted Luna bars (gotta have some snacks handy!)

Variable Contents:

*Cushy "spa" socks to wear at the hospital

*Chapstick "Natural" (very light scent shouldn't trigger nausea)

*Boppy and extra covers

*burp cloths

*a sleep mask

*a water bottle for mom

*other pamper mom items like hand cream and soaps

My theory is that everyone likes to get cute stuff for the baby. As a result you get a ton of baby clothes they out grow in like a month. You get a million baby blankets that you can't really use in the beginning 'cause most of us use those nifty sleep sacks anyway. And since buying the really big stuff isn't in my budget I like to get the mommy-to-be some items I found useful in the early weeks. It's all stuff I used and loved and it's stuff you wouldn't think of it unless you had just "been there done that and bought the t-shirt." If you have time, you can shop around for the best prices for each item and you can get the basket and shred at the dollar store or the craft store when they go on sale. I'd say the basket, shred, cellophane and ribbon all add up to the cost of a nice gift bag and they can always put the basket to use.
So far I've made up two of these baskets and am working on a third. Each one is a little different based on the recipient and my budget at the time.

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benilhalk said...

Seems to be a complete gift set basket for the baby shower. My best friend booked one of the elegant LA venues for my birthday last month. Simply loved all the surprises planned by her. Her gift ideas were really appreciative. Thinking to buy her a memorable return gift.