Monday, July 16, 2007

biting the bullet

Well, I've signed a 6 month lease for a booth at a local crafters coop. I am nervous that I will be able to make my rent back each month... nervous that I won't be able to keep my inventory stocked... and a little afraid that it will generally be a big flop and I will loose some $ instead of making any. (It's a new coop and there's no guarentee that it will be a big hit.)

On the flipside I'm very excited about the potential to make some fun $ for me and Peanut. Papa K's job pays the bills. Period. It has been a sacrifice for me to stay home and take care of Peanut, but my glamorous teacher's salary wouldn't have contributed much either when you factor in daycare, clothing, transportation, etc. I'm happy to stay home, but it would be awesome to contribute a little bit financially as well.

Today I went to Big Lots on my way home and purchased a pretty placemat that I turned into a sign. I also got some other supplies for my booth. I hope to get over there by the end of the week to set up my lil' section.

Just praying it all pans out for me!

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Starfish said...

Hey that is so cool. My secret dream is to create and run one of those types of things - and sell my own stuff there too...who knows maybe some day.

Good LUCK! Let us know how it goes!