Thursday, July 19, 2007


I know my 15 readers are thrilled by my play-by-play... :)
Peanut must have known that I was trying to get stuff done on a deadline today. He is such a stinker. After staying up until 1am last night rinsing and washing tye-dye, I had to tag everything today. Peanut was grabbing at me and wanted to be held the whole time. Usually he will play by himself for a few minutes, but not today!
Long story short I made it out to the coop eventually and set up my booth. I still need to buy hangers and go back on Saturday to hang up a bunch of stuff. (I think it will get pretty messed up laying there.)
Tomorrow I'm going up to visit my dad and fam so unfortuately I won't be able to get anything else together before Saturday.

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