Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I have another baby gifty in the works. I'll tell you this, it's a plushy and it's for my friend's new lil man. I'm going up to hang out with them on Thursday so I hope to have it done by then.
For the first time I am using cotton yarn to make a plush. I hope that the fibers don't relax too much and make the toy too floppy. I usually use acrylic, like RH Soft, for plush. But I figured cotton would be soft on lil gums if he wanted to chew on it and it would get softer with washing and wear. Besides, cotton just seems more... babyish?

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Trace said...

I didn't realize you had another blog. I don't usually go to your profile. How cool is that!! When (if) our baby time comes, I'll be heading to your soon to be online store!!