Friday, November 02, 2007


So I have a new OBSESSION....

Well it's not so new. I've been an apron fan for awhile. I love looking at vintage aprons and fun, kitchy prints. However, the only aprons I actually own are a stained and well-used canvas "Italy" apron I bought when I got married and a sweet reversable Haiwaiian one Dirkey got for me when she went there.

Over the years I have bought two separate apron pattern packs, a cherry print fabric to make a retro apron, two packs of dishtowels to make dishtowel aprons and lace and trims to go with.
Just chalk it up to my hoarding of craft supplies.

Now that homemaking IS my job it would be really practical to have several clean aprons on handy at all time. They are just so handy for stashing clothespins or protecting your clothes from spatters.

So for xmas I started making some aprons for a couple girlfriends. Dirkey, further proving why we are BFFs also had the idea to make aprons for xmas gifts for everyone. No we did not discuss this. We had just agreed to do a handmade exchange between us and this is what we both came up with independently. But as a bonus I got to weigh in on her fabric choice. Sweet!

Since I already showed her what I have done thus far, here is my citrus apron for Dirkey. I have a few more ideas for it. I used the directions on Martha for a teatowel apron and went from there. Ironically I am using Martha Stewart Everyday towels from Kmart. :) I misinterpreted the directions a bit and made the top extra wide. However, she is ahem "well endowed" like myself so I know the extra coverage is actually quite practical.

Oh and I am beyond excited to be participating in an apron swap over at down---to---earth. I'm hitting Joanns today for fabric for my swap apron.

So it looks like my apron collection is going to be growing!

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Amy said...

I adore aprons! I love to go to antique shops and get them there. Someday I hope to sew some of my own :) I love the citrus colors!