Sunday, January 06, 2008

am I crazy?

To be thinking about Christmas '08 already?

I really enjoyed doing a partially handmade Christmas last year, and I am thinking I want to bump it up a bit this year. But in order to actually accomplish this goal I'm going to have to work on it through out the year.

Here's what's mulling around in my mind at the moment...

*Matching PJs for DH and DS (gotta wait on this one until the new xmas fabric comes out in the fall)

*Homemade Lemoncello for FIL, stepdad, stepmom, brother and maybe some friends.

*Hats/Scarves for my 3 half-brothers

*Crochet throw for my bro (bought the yarn a year ago)

*Handbag w/ tissue holder for MIL

*Evening Clutch w/ tissue holder for Mom

*Amigurimi Nativity for Peanut-boy

Where to begin???


Dayna said...

I love the homemade drink idea. I have some recipes I have held onto for a while and this would be perfect. I was just talking last night about making some pressed cider and then making hard cider from that. Thanks for the idea! Always good to plan ahead.

SuzyQSparkles said...

Last year I felt the same way, so, I enlisted two of my girlfriends and instead of going to a quilt shop each month for their "block of the month" (BOM) project, we had a POM POM each month (project of the month). We picked a day each month to get together (without kiddos) and work on our gift giving projects. Our goal was to be done by September (we had like TEN bdays and anniversaries between us in Sept-Nov), so, we wanted to be done early.

We actually picked one pattern to work on over and over, just changing the fabrics for different recipients and different seasons.

In the Spring, my hubby and I decided to move 1,000 miles. So. I used this HUGE move as an excuse not to finish my projects. My girlfriends carried on without me though and happily finished (by November).

Those that finished had the most AWESOME December, having all gifts finished, wrapped, and shipped by November. I was envious and want to do the same this year. You're further than I with your list already picked out.

I guess what I'm saying is that January is a fine time to start working on Christmas projects and with a little dedication (and just one day a month will do) you CAN have a RELAXED and JOYOUS holiday season.

Suzy :D

Starfish said...

No , you're not crazy - but I still am trying to finish THIS YEAR's presents!! I still have one scarf and one hat to go. Then I have a few things for myself and THEN I can think about next Christmas.

And that nativity! I must make it!!