Thursday, January 24, 2008



Ok, so I have lots of experience tie dying with procion dyes and I've also dyed protein fibers with kool-aid. But I am thinking about dying my white towels off white. I want the look of "unbleached" or natural cotton.

(As an aside, I bought white towels for my bathroom thinking that if I always got white towels they would always match and I could keep them bright with bleach. Not so. Something in my water is making them really dingy and no matter what I try they still look that way. So I'm on to plan B. Only buy unbleached cotton. Besides, I want my next towel purchase to be unbleached organic anyway.)

So do I try Rit or procion in ivory? Tea or coffee dye? Anyone have any advice for me?

4 comments: said...

hey mama. I have tie dyed towels before don't do that. they look like you spilled something on them. And I have used tea before in my other house on my curtains. It actually worked out pretty good. But Curtains you don't clean alot so I'm not sure about towels. (-:

Dirkey said...

I would think that tea would give you the effect that you would want.

ztoamom said...

The dingy might be detergent buildup - likely. Run about a half gallon of vinegar through your washer (empty) with hot water and peek at it part way through. If it is gray, do it again. Then use some once in a while. There are soap-free products which ionize the water and eliminate the need for detergent. I have used them for over ten years - have only bought a smidgen of Woolite in all that time.

And I did not know this until I was told, but white is a dye, so it washed out in hot water.... can't win.

Deneen said...

I've done curtains using tea and it works well.