Thursday, February 07, 2008

Love Dishcloth

Love Dishcloth
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I've been bitten by the knitted dishcloth bug. Even a slow knitter like me can turn one of these out in a few days.
Hurrah for instant gratification!
I initially wanted this to be a washcloth, but the kitchen cotton is a little stiff IMO. However I LOVE using knit/crochet cotton dishcloths so this will be finding a home in my rotation. (I've made two before and have purchased a few more.) I don't exactly use them to wash the dishes but they are good for cleaning sticky little hands and wiping up counter tops. Basically I use them for all the jobs a paper towel used to do. And they are cute too!

Pattern found here.
Yarn was just some mill-ends kitchen cotton in a rose color.

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Starfish said...

Very cute!

I can't get into using them as dishcloths though - I prefer wash cloths - or even dusting cloths.

I told you Ravelry was addicting - it's nuts!!