Friday, February 22, 2008

so addicted.

Must. Step. Away. From. Ravelry.

They have these cool groups called “Yarn Karma” and “Random Acts of Kindness” It’s like swapping but without any pressure or deadlines and you don’t have to buy anything new. Just send of bits of your own stash to people who actually want it. And the “karma” comes back around so you can get lots of fun new stuff too. Eeek!

I have already sent out a buncha Fun Fur to someone who makes them into hats for chemo patients, some funky "confetti" yarn to someone who likes working with textures, made a small purchase from someone's stash to surprise a friend w/ a yarn she wanted to try and am packing up my acrylic scraps today for a gal that makes blankets for animal shelters. Seriously, how cool is that?

Not to mention some of the destashing I've done while swapping for some different yarns I've wanted to try. I've also worked out a couple swaps too that I'm sure I'll be posting about.

Oh and the yarn karma has been very good to me too. If all the ppl who have my address follow through I am going to be getting so much fun mail next month. :)


katalina said...

Saw your Wish List on RAKs and thought I'd pay your blog a visit.
I also spend way too much time on Ravelry, but it's an addiction I just can't think about eliminating. Hope you get your packages as promised.

nell@casualfridayeveryday said...

I signed up for an invite...still waiting!