Saturday, May 17, 2008

Adios Amigos!

Welp, I've made the decision to condense my blogs.

If you want to keep tabs on me head over to my main blog,
make MamaK your friend on Ravelry and/or Flickr

It's a little sad since this is the first blog I started, but back when I was running two blogs I was *only* working as a teacher. This mama + WAHM thing is just way more work. :)

I've been documenting my current knit/crochet projects on Ravelry and posting them to Flickr, but keeping this blog going is not happening. Any sewing or other crafting I'll post to my other blog if I feel like sharing.

Happy crocheting, knitting and creating y'all!!!

1 comment:

Happyplace. said...

Oh, I completely understand! 'Being' at home is much more work than having a job, you are never done. The hardest part is striking the right balance. (I'm home 9 years now, and still juggling! I have more work now than I did when I worked full-time!)
Keep knitting and crafting!