Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Magazine Reviews: Is that a needle or are you just happy to see me?

For my long drive this past week, I was in search of a few good crochet magazines. It seems most magazines I find are dedicated to knitting and contain long complicated patterns I will never use. Honestly, I am not going to knit an ankle-length car coat with a faux fur collar. Just not going to happen. Maybe someday I'll have the patience to CROCHET a baby sweater or something, but that is about all my attention span will suffer. I went to my local newstand/cigar shop and low and behold... not one, but TWO crochet magazines! As well as my fav knit/crochet publication, knit.1 Magazine, the cover of which I found hilarious.

As the old joke goes:
Tell me, is that a knitting needle in your hand or are you just happy to see me?

Now for the Reviews:

Title: knit.1 by VOGUEknitting
Issue: Fall/Winter 2005 the men's issue
Highlight(s): "Mate to Measure" All about knitting your man a sweater he'll actually wear.
Are you kidding?: Strapless Argyle dress on p. 49... As if the ugly jumbo red, black, white argyle down the front isn't enough, check out the "KNIT 1" bling belt buckle.
I can't wait to make... the "Pom Pom Queen" knitted yoke sweatshirt on p. 47. After cutting the neck out of a store-bought sweatshirt, you knit a beautiful/funky yoke using Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair. So cool!

Title: Simply Creative Crochet Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection
Issue: 2005
Highlights: Reviews on new yarns, Lots of patterns for gifts
Are you kidding?
Tie between the super ugly Shell-and-Cardigan set on p. 25 (made in yarns that clash) and the Crocheted Ottoman Cover on p. 35 (how is this durable or practical?)
I can't wait to make... the hooded bath towel and matching washcloth for baby, frivolous but so cute!

Title: Family Circle presents Easy Crochet plus knitting
Issue: Fall/Winter 2005
Highlights: "fully Felted" All about felting with crochet, yay!
"Crocheting With Novelty Yarns" Great tips for working with the popular textured yarns
Are you kidding? "twiggy redux" openwork, fishnet cream colored nightmare of a dress on p. 37
I can't wait to make... the felted Tea Cozy on p. 31, quaint and practical (sort of)

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