Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Scarves on Parade

Last year I was the scarf queen. I estimate I made around 70 scarves between October and December. I sold about 60 and the rest were Christmas presents. I've been experimenting with new yarns and here are some results.

Knit on size 19 US using 1 ball of N.Y. yarn's Action in color 03

Knit on size 17 US. Three strands held together 1) Red Heart Super Saver in Med Purple, about 3 ozs 2) Lion Brand Fun Fur Prints in Figi, almost 1 ball 3) Red Heart Plush in Grenadine, about 2-3 ozs

Knit on size 17 US Two strands held together 1) N.Y yarn's Parfait in color 85, 1 ball 2) Fun Fur in Soft Pink, 1 ball

Leftovers from last year in funky colors no one wanted. Crocheted using a strand of Red Heart Super Saver and a strand of Fun Fur OR Moda Dea Jai Alai held together.

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