Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mushroom Scarf

It was time for some crochet. I saw a couple of patterns around for these and thought they were cool. I've been making these in the hopes of selling some. On the Lion Brand site there is a pattern for "Potato Chip Scarf" and on Caron they called it a "Ruffle Scarf." For some reason it reminds me of those liken (sp?) mushroom things that grow on the trees out here. So I am calling them Mushroom Scarves.

The green one is made in Moda Dea Vixen in "Blue Me Away" and the other is Moda Dea Dream in "Plum." They have worked up quickly for me. I takes a little less than 3 balls for each one. I'm going to make a few more to use up some more fuzzy yarn that has been hanging out in my stash.

Find the very easy pattern here:


Stephanie said...

Very cute! This is one of the nicer projects for all that novelty yarn out there... It's great to find someone who crochets AND knits...I think there is definitely times for both!

Sorry I missed your last response to my comment. You can find me at

mama k said...

Thanks for another nice comment. I love when people comment on my blog!
I love crochet, but there are so many patterns available for knit that I wanted to try. So I taught myself. Does that mean I'm allowed to have 2x's the yarn? lol
I'm adding your knitting blog to my list.