Sunday, March 19, 2006

Amigurumi Adventure

Inspired by the new issue of Crochet Me, I figured I'd jump on the amigurumi band wagon. For those that don't know, amigurumi is a crocheted doll or animal in Japanese. Some people are really into getting Japanese patterns and trying to translate them. First I read all the tutorials on Crochet Me about making Amigurumi. Then I started my kitty. I had stumbled upon this Amineko Cat pattern that Sarah from Ramblings in a Little Black Dress was nice enough to post and decided this was a good first project.
So here he is! I made him with Red Heart Soft Yarn in "Guacamole" and "Turquoise." I am thinking I'll keep him for baby or give as a gift. For more inspiration (and a few free patterns) check out

(Check me out! I learned to use hyper links.. hehe)


Sarah Jane said...


I noticed that you had a link to my amineko page on your blog, but the link gets 404'd. Here's the updated link.

Again, Thanks!


mama k said...

Thanks Sarah! I'll fix the link so people can get to your pattern.