Wednesday, March 22, 2006

UFO to FO Lamb Toy

Fresh from my Aminko victory, I thought I'd pull out that lamb toy I started like a year ago. His body was done but needed legs, ears and tail. It's interesting how much I've improved since I first started him. The stitches are a little too loose and the rows are a bit off center, but since he is almost white you can't tell the stuffing is showing. I had an awful time on the face. I think I sewed and ripped out the eyes about 6 times before I settled on the plain slits you see. It was hard to get a good picture with the flash. The details: I used a pattern from a 2004 issue of a Better Homes & Garden crochet magazine and Lion Brand Jiffy in "Kitty Hawk".

Edited to add the link to the pattern for Stuffed Lamb Toy. I didn't know the pattern was still in the archives!

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