Sunday, May 14, 2006

Baby Gifts

I had my first baby shower yesterday. Click here to see the fabulous cake my friend Dirkey made me.

Some of my knitting girls from church were there. The one girl made me this adorable baby hat. She even taped on washing instructions! How cute is that?

My other friend made me this cute blankie. I think it will make a nice nursing shawl or "tummy time" mat. I didn't even know she could crochet. We will have to get together and craft sometime.
I love getting (and giving) homemade gifts. I either give away or sell most of my projects; I don't keep very many projects for myself. (And usually they are the "rejects" that aren't quite perfect enough to sell.) So it is extra nice when someone takes the time to make something just for me.
Personally, I am majorly slacking in the crafting dept. My silly lion wrap is just missing the ears and tail! I will have to make a point to finish it tonight. I go for a 3 hour glucose screening tomorrow. I will have to find a good project to bring with me while I sit in the lab. Finish a UFO? or start something new and exciting? decisions, descisons....

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