Sunday, May 14, 2006

knit.1 Magazine Review

When I got home Friday, this sunny mag was in my mailbox. No more hunting or making a special trip for me. I am loving the new subscription service. This was a fun issue to flip through. Lots of bright colors and funky layouts.

Title: knit.1 by VOGUE knitting
Issue: Summer 2006 - the ART issue
Being a Kahlo fan, I loved the "Frida be you & me" spread. The skirt on p. 41 looks wearable and the butterfly shawl on p. 43 was stunning.
Are you kidding?: knitted hot pants with optional garter stitch suspenders on p. 52 You have to see them to believe them.

I'd love to make... honestly, I don't think I'll be making anything out of this issue. I enjoyed reading it, but I'm not yet into making clothing for myself. And most of my fav patterns were apparel.


Stephanie said...

Yeah, this mag always has some funky stuff. I just bought the new Family Circle Easy Knitting..they have cute kids stuff in there.

Cool stuff from your shower, loved the cake!! Was your whole shower themed that way? I think I want to steal that idea!!

mama k said...

Thanks! Yeah, the hotel is on the boardwalk and DH and I love beachy stuff. Our nursery bedding is "sea creatures."
I'll have to check out that mag.