Wednesday, June 21, 2006

OT: Tie-dyed Onesies

So I inherited some old baby clothes. I tried to brighten/take out old stains w/ an overnight soak and some of the bright colors bled. So I got the idea to tie-die the onesies. I got the Groovy Tie-dye kit that was on sale at ACMoore this week and here are my results. I think I'm going to go back and get a couple more kits to save for later. (Click on the pictures to see a bigger picture for details.)

1) Rainbow Vertical Pleats

2) Random blue circles w/ fushia background

3) Rainbow Spiral Fold

1) Supposed to be a star in the middle, but I think it would have worked better if I made it bigger.

2) Random folds and sprinkles of yellow and fushia

3) I really like the diagonal stripes, but there is a tweety bird print on it that kinda ruins the effect

1) Spiral fold w/ yellow & blue dye

2) Pale blue onesies w/ horizontal pleats and blue dye

3) Bunched in a ball and used to soak up excess dye at my green/blue station then saturated w/ left over yellow and blue dye

Not bad considering I haven't tie-dyed since I was a kid and that was w/ Rit dye and a bucket. These had the squirt bottles. Fun!


Stephanie said...

How unbelievably cute!!! What a great idea! You know I am totally stealing that idea!

mama k said...

Steal away! It was so fun that I wanted to tye-dye more stuff, but I had to restrain myself. Tie-dye doesn't quite go w/ my personal style, but so fun for kids clothes! (And a great way to cover up stains!)

MAMB said...

I LOVE these - you are so creative. It puts me to shame and also makes me want to channel my inner Martha Stewart and do similar cool things.