Sunday, June 11, 2006

Count down...

Only 2 more days left of exams and then I'm on to summer vacation! Woohoo!
Only 2 more months until my due date! I have so much to do still!

I can't believe I'm on here and not posting any FOs or crochet/knit content. I have been badly neglecting my projects in favor of getting stuff ready for baby. Nesting is in full swing. I dusted off the sewing machine and started making baby washcloths/wipes this week to go along w/ my cloth diaper stash. And I've been prewashing all the cloth dipes too. Meanwhile neglecting all my other laundry. DH is like, "I need underwear too!"
I had my last shower yesterday. It was a lot of fun and everyone was soooo generous! We literally filled up the SUV we borrowed to bring the stuff home in. There wasn't even room for DH's golf clubs and we had to leave them at my moms. LOL There are only a couple little things I need now, like the bedding set. But people gave $ and gift cards so it is all covered. I think all in all, I've spent less than $100 on stuff for the baby. How cool is that?

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