Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Projects for September

Hello there! Another post with lack of knit/crochet content.
My sweet baby is of the extra fussy sort. (What qualifies as colic?) So, I am totally wrecked from lack of sleep and am in desperate need of some sort of schedule. But of course he is completely adorable and I am completely in love! It's just taking the physical toll everyone warns you about. This month I want to work on getting things somewhat in order and giving myself some fun projects to do.

Project List for September:
*KoolAid dye some yarn
*Make Tickle Turdle crochet diaper wrap
*Finally finish the legs on that knit NB soaker I started months ago
*Start/Complete bro #1 christmas afghan
*Tie-dye Onesies to sell
*Last of baby gift returns
*Start next book club book, A Prayer for Owen Meany

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