Sunday, September 10, 2006

knit.1 Magazine Review

Lookie lookie! A new magazine! Eventhough I've taken a fiberarts hiatus, I was excited to look at all the shiny, new knitted goodness. I realize that I love this mag more for the layouts and photography than the actual projects.
However, this one did give me an idea or two for Christmas presents.

Title: knit.1 by VOGUE knitting
Fall 2006 - the TV issue

I loved the "techical difficulties" article. Being a new knitter, I need help picking up a dropped stitch or unraveling rows.
Cute, tiny amigurmi dolls on p.53!
I thought all of the layouts in this issue were fun and visually appealing.
Are you kidding?:The "store-bought leggings" in black that are cut below the knee and a bordered w/ white ruffles p. 41. As if leggings weren't bad enough, we need a blatant plug for Lion Brand's new Ruffles yarn.
Little Bow Peep called. She wants her underwear back.
I'd love to make... I'm totally digging the "seinfelt" felted checkerboard and checkers p. 62. Not only is it crocheted, but it the pattern includes a little bag to hold the pieces.

I also loved the cable sweater on p. 32, but it is way out of my range of ability at the moment. I don't even know what a cable needle looks like.
Funky Black and White skirt on p. 48 - I would sooo wear this! But could I pull off a crocheted skirt? Hmmm....

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