Friday, June 22, 2007


I've almost finished my shower gifty. He just needs a face.
(Yes, that was a hint. Want another? I already made this pattern once before.)

Now I just have to work on the shower decorations, diaper cake and my "new mama" gift basket for my dear friend. Oh how I love getting crafty for baby showers!

I still gotta think of something really good for another friend's baby. I am waiting to find out the gender for that one though as she lives closer.

BTW, why are all my friends waiting to be surprised? Don't they know it's eaiser to knit/crochet with a gender in mind? hehe

Today I am feeling some tie dye coming on. I've been procrastinating on it for some reason. When I started doing it, it was strictly for fun. Actually it was to see if I could repurpose some stained hand-me-down onesies. Now that I've started selling them, I'm suddenly afraid of "messing up" and loosing $ on the supplies.

Yeah, I know. It's basically impossible to mess up tie dye. It's not really an exact art. heh.

Ok, I'm not going to put it off any more.... I'm off to start the pre-wash!

FO Pictures coming soon!

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