Friday, November 16, 2007

Handmade Toys

felted wool sandwhich Some xmas gifties for my Dear Son. I made the "bread" from recycled, felted sweater leftover from making wool pants (aka longies). I just slip stitched two pieces together. Inside is cheese and deli meat just cut from more felted sweaters. I think they are quite cute. Oh yeah, and lead-free too. :)

felted wool play food
I have seen eggs and all other kinds of cute food fashioned from felt or even knit or crocheted. I think DS needs a play banana next.


Allena said...

very smart! i love the bread!

fancy said...

This is way too cute!

Katie said...

what a good idea!! We are giving my daughter a play kitchen for Christmas and I think she might just need some fun felt food too... it might have to wait for her birthday though, I don't think I can cram one more thing into my pre-Christmas schedule. Thanks for the fab idea.